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Artists from the different part of the globe go to street painting festivals - to paint it red. With chalks, pastels and paints in their hand, artists transform the street into a palate for all.

Jay Schwartz during an interview said that "Street painting is an extension of my fine art background. My initial exposure to the medium was as a student at UCSB. I stumbled into the role of street painter by accident. The purity, tradition, and inspirational qualities are my main attractions to the medium. My approach to the street as canvas is much like any other visual communication problem: start with a strategy (subject matter, diagrams, keylines, etc.) and infuse my style into the project, all the while trying to maintain an overall view of the big picture. For the most part street painting is unique, mainly because of the physicality of the medium. I make a lot of my own chalks, so I can use colors that can't be reproduced through any other medium."

One of the best among street painters is Manfred Stader who specialized himself in pastel. It is with self-manufactured pastel chalks that he paints copies of masters like Corregio, Bronzino, Bouguereau and many others.

Edgar Mueller, also a renowned street painter, has been in the craft for more than 15 years. During this time he created a lot of paintings. A collection of his paintings gives a view of his most beautiful ideas as an artist. Street painting 3D

Wenner, a master street painter, uses anamorphic principle in his paintings. Anamorphism is the style used in the seventeenth century which combines architectural elements with illusionistic painting forming an extraordinary combined image. Wenner's unique and innovative use of this creates unforgettable images that combine the painted surface with its surroundings into a single composition.

How do you treat the street as a "canvas"? Well, it depends on what approach you will use. Those who are aspiring to become a popular street painter you can have the aforementioned artists as your inspiration or you can create your own style for that matter.

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RickCompton said...

Nice piece, JT! You chose well when you quoted Jay Schwartz, one of the West Coast's (and maybe America's) finest street painters.

And Kurt Wenner is the undoubted master, having elevated the art form to fine art. In fact, he is responsible for bringing street painting to America when he did the first works for Santa Barbara's museum, and then turned the Children's Creative folks there onto street painting. He later won a Kennedy Center medallion for his educational work in this area.

Keep up your observations of this art form! It's growing like crazy.

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