I firmly believe that all people are born artists. Everyone can
remember how, as children, we all loved drawing,
finger-painting, etc. The wonderful thing was, we didn't care
what others thought of our efforts, we were just having fun!

Somehow, as we age, we often lose that creative innocence and
exuberance, and in the process, lose a very gratifying part of
our lives. I see people every day that are unhappy and don't
know why. I believe that if they could "rediscover" a creative
outlet of some form, it would so enrich their lives that they
would return to it again and again. Often I hear adults say, "I
can't do that! I can't even draw a straight line!". Well, the
straight lines don't matter; it's the curved and crooked ones
that are more interesting!

I personally have never had any formal art training. Neither has
my husband, Kris, or our daughter-in-law, April. We all three
just need a creative outlet to help us stay sane, and now here
we are! When you browse through the Artisan Shops on Ruby Lane,
you will see many very talented Artisans with different forms of
artistic _expression. Each and every one of them is exquisitely
beautiful in their own way, and all are uniquely different. That
is the wonderful thing about art. What you create is a very
personal part of you, and that carries over to your work. There
are three of us that contribute to our shop.

I started painting fifteen years ago. I had always wanted to
paint, had never pursued it, and literally just woke up one day
and said, "Today I start painting!" I did, and two months later
sold my first piece. Next thing I knew, I had a custom artwork
shop going out of my home, and later, opened a brick and mortar
store that I had for over a year, until my mother became ill, so
I went back to painting from home. Kris started out designing
book covers in elementary school for extra money. April started
out scrap-booking about two years ago, and has taken off with
her own designs and techniques. I also work in ceramics, clay,
and jewelry, and have sold items through wholesalers in Texas
and Colorado. All because I decided I wanted to paint! Go ahead,
give something a try! "If you can dream it, you can do it"!

About the Author
Laura is the owner of Ice Originals II ~ Collectibles, Jewelry and Artistic Designs . She is a practicing Artist and collector. View her items at http://www.tias.com/stores/iceorig

View her personal webpage - "Ice Originals - Inside Out" at http://www.iceoriginals.faithweb.com for detailed insight into the artists and collectors behind Ice Originals II! "An Artist's Dream"

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