Do you want to paint your life? If the answer is a positive one, you must be an art lover. The Internet offers artistic natures the possibility to transform their own memorable moments into real art. This is no programming trick we are talking about, but real portraits made by talented people. Forget artificial art and photography! The website we are talking about involves persons who enjoy creating beautiful memories by using their abilities, photos sent by you and several painting techniques like oil, watercolor, charcoal, pencil, pastel and acrylic. With some effort and creativity, they manage to create wonderful works of art that can be given to friends and family on special occasions as exceptional gifts.Even if an oil painting may seem as the best idea you ever had, a pencil sketch or a watercolor painting can be just as striking and surprising when received as a gift. The graphite portraits drawn from the clients’ family photos or from a favorite baby, pet or landscape are realistic interpretations of the subject, which portray with accuracy the real image. To convince yourself, please visit, a site full of beautiful paintings made for several of their clients. Moreover, the special effect of the pencil brings a sort of magic to the paintings, making them particularly charming and attractive. Buying a pencil sketch is less costly than other mediums because its creation is much faster. The oil takes some time to dry, while the pencil is ready to ship out just as soon as the drawing is finished. The making of a pencil sketch involves just pencils and paper. In addition, the ordering of such a gift is quite easy and involves only sending a photo of the person(s) you would like to be drawn. When you place your order, you only have to pay 20% of the pencil sketch’s value; the rest is paid when you see the painting online and approve it. You can also require changes if you like, but we recommend leaving the art to the professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Please also consider that erasing some of the lines from the already made drawing might create an unpleasant result in that area. Leaving this aside, because we think you will not need any changes made, you have many advantages from ordering online. The best one is that you can obtain a very elegant, personalized gift by simply staying in front of the computer, without wasting time for shopping. Clean and expressive, a pencil sketch can be a proof of great sensitivity and of thoughtfulness – something that impresses almost anyone.Graphite pencils are recent. Therefore, in the past, artists often resorted to charcoal portraits or to special paper and a silver stylus. Even if pencils are now available, the special effect given by charcoal is still used and many people buy charcoal portraits from preferring them to other techniques. Strong and suggestive, charcoal portraits can depict the most memorable moments from the client’s life: wedding, anniversaries, romantic holidays with the loved ones, adorable hugs of one’s children, happy days spent with friends and many more. They are also appropriate for family portraits that capture the soul and spirit of the family to remind future generations of the loved ones. Of course, a pencil sketch can be just as interesting as charcoal portrait and you can choose the one technique you like most. There are no rules when it comes to taste and the skills of the artists make all the paintings attractive.So, stop wasting time on endless online searches for special gifts because is a fantastic resource to buy something extraordinary. Customers benefit from the best work using any technique of choice in a masterful way. On this website, clients receive complete satisfaction and can benefit from many advantages. By: David Yuri
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