Discover what are frames and different types of frames. These are technical details about painting, explained in easy way.
Everyone loves to have their own paintings. A painting is more than just a decorative item in our home, it is also symbolise our freedom of choice. We choose a painting according to a special feeling which it gives us.

A painting is like music, it creates atmosphere, it adds colours to our daily lives, it is a way for us to chose our own unique life style and to express ourselves.

To enhance the beauty of a painting we use framing as integral part of the painting. A frame must carefully chosen, it is as important as the painting. It may affect the overall feeling in a dramatic way, sometimes for good and sometimes for worse.

In general we can classify the frames to two categories. The first is a contrasted style and the second is a blended style. When choosing a contrasted frame, we try to achieve a dominant combination between the painting and the frame. The frame is playing a significant role in the overall outcome of painting while in the blended style, we chose a frame which have similar color to the dominant colours of the painting. In this case the observer will focus more on the painting and less on the frame.

In recent years a new style is developing and becoming more popular than the classical frames. The new style is called Gallery wrap. In this style the canvas is stretched and wrapped around a simple wood wooden frame. The canvas actually covers all areas of the wooden frame and it looks as the painting is 3 dimensional. The thickness of the wood will change the ‘feeling’ of the painting. It makes a big difference if we choose a thick frame or a thin frame. Although it may sound strange, researches have shown that a thicker wooden frame brings a more expensive look to the painting.

A classical frame is actually made by two separate frames. An inner frame, which the canvas will be stretched on and an outer frame for decoration. The 2 frames are connected by screws or pins and forms together a strong structure for the painting. The stretching quality is highly important, if it isn’t done properly ,the canvas will be loose and the painting will lose some of its effect.

A gallery wrap is usually chosen by young people and it is often use for modern paintings rather than classic style painting. There are 2 major benefits for using a gallery wrap, the first is the price which is much cheaper than a classical frame. The second is the weight which is much lighter in compare to any other frame style. The downside of a gallery wrap is that it can be used only for oil paintings and for acrylic paintings. These are the two major mediums that are painting on canvases which can be stretched on wooden bars. Watercolour paintings, Charcoal paintings, pencil paintings and pastel paintings are usually are being painted on different kinds of papers.

All those four mediums: Watercolour paintings, Charcoal paintings, pencil paintings and pastel paintings have one major difference if comparing them to oil paintings or acrylic paintings. They all need to be framed with a protecting glass. Those four mediums are more sensitive to sunlight, oxygen and human touch. Even though that some painters spray the painting with a sealing layer for protection, those medium are still need to be handled with more care than other mediums.

Thanks to technology, now we can the frame the paintings with a glass imitation rather than actual glass. The benefits of using such material are lower prices and also avoiding the danger of a glass breaking and damaging the painting. Another benefit is that a glass imitation is its weights which is less than a real glass. Another benefit is that it has almost no reflection when looking at the painting while in real glass we sometimes see more reflection than a painting.

However, there are two downsides of a glass imitation. The first is that it can be easily scratched, the second is that for large paintings (over 24"x36") the surface will not be as flat as glass which may cause a wavy look to the surface.

In the last few years, there are few companies in the market who offer custom made paintings. This unique service enables us to create our own original masterpieces by choosing any subject we like to paint. The process is very simple, you just need to send a digital photos to one of the companies who offers such service. They will pass it to an artist who will paint it according to your requirements. Once the painting is done you will get it by post (with or without a frame). This service is called "painting from photo". this new service has enabled us to easily design our lifestyle in any way we choose, however, it demands to play a major role in choosing the subject, the medium and the frame.

Final words: paintings and frames brings colours and joy to our life, sometime we choose a portrait of our family, some times of our pets, sometimes of a beautiful landscape and sometimes an abstract. But whatever we choose, we must choose carefully. We need to consider the overall outcome of the combination of the frame and the painting. A successful framed painting let us enjoy it for many years and therefore we should choose the right one for ourselves.

Remember, real art is not only for rich people. It belongs to each and every one of us.

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By Assaf Kostiner
Published: 8/18/2007
Posted by jt


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