By JoAnne WestcottPublished: 9/6/2007

Follow A Child For Free Face Painting Ideas
Children are the best guides to help you find free face painting ideas. Here are some ways they'll lead you to the most popular ones.
Just follow a child around for a while and they'll lead you to dozens of Free Face Painting Ideas.
Favorite animated television programs, popular movies, even children's books, coloring books and arts and crafts books can be inspiration for face painting designs. One of the best places to find free face painting ideas is in preschool coloring books. The bold and simple line art make these designs easy to duplicate in a cheek art design. Popular designs that almost anyone can paint with little research include hearts, smiley faces, sunshines and rainbows. By using only FDA compliant, water-based face paints, painting simple face painting designs will be easier for you, the painter, and safer for the child. Avoid using craft paints, acrylic paints, homemade paints or any other type of paint not specifically for use on skin. Once you discover the designs you want to learn, practice them on paper by placing a piece of acetate over the design. Simply "paint by numbers." The acetate will allow you to wipe the design clean with a damp paper towel and allow you to reuse the acetate over and over again until you are comfortable with the design. Limit the number of colors used and then begin practicing on skin. Even your own arm, hand or cheek will do. Begin with the lighter colors first, then let dry for a few seconds before painting additional colors. Let your child take the lead. By watching them, they will help you find free face painting ideas that are sure to be popular with other kids. You can find more Free Face Painting Ideas at EasyFacePainting.
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